Day 1

4 04 2007

Hey guys,

Well, this is the start of my new blog here. I’m not exactly sure why I got one, since I already have another one on livejournal. Maybe wordpress just seems more prestigious. Anyways, I have my screenwriting and documentary class in about an hour, so I’m exited about that.

Anyways, being here in college has made me think about what I want to do once I become of of those “full-fledged adults” I hear so much about. See, at first I wanted to do sociology so I could help people…then I looked at the jobs available and pretty quickly scrapped that idea for something more exiting. My parents put the idea in my head that I should become a doctor, and after a while of hearing them drill me with “it would be (really fucking nice <- this is what they were thinking) if you became a doctor (and made huge wads of cash!),” I started to believe them. So I took some classes and decided that I didn’t want to become a doctor.

So here I am now, sitting in my wood chair that’s probably been used by people in the 80’s contemplating about what I should do after I get out of here. I think I’m too young to think about these things… that’s what a lot of people say. It’s kinda fun thinking about it though.

Currently, I want to be a director or a pilot… both sound pretty neat.

Later days,





2 responses

7 04 2007

im going through the same things but in still high school so i guess i have more time. but i also want to be a director. i think

7 04 2007

Yeah, don’t worry about it too much. In actuality, many degrees (unless they are specific to a career) don’t really prepare you for any singular job. Once you get out of college, the only thing the employer sees is that you have some sort of degree. (hopefully from UCLA =P)

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