Day 2

5 04 2007

So, here I am again in the library.

Oh, the library… This quarter I plan to spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays after class in this library doing some writing homework. Blah blah, “what a nerd.” I know, but it’ll be nice on the days where I have nothing to do except sleep and whatever else it is that I feel like doing at the time.

Today in my theater class, we had to play a name game. I dunno if anyone else hates them, but I really, really hate them. And you know what else? I always tend to go near the end, so I have to recite like 20-some names. blah. Anyways, after that we played this mimic improv game and my partner and I came up with a scenario where we were reading a comic book and got way too into it. We eventually killed Nazis and “single-handedly won World War II.” Pretty amazing, huh?

Well, I’ve spent too much time writing this. I have a paper to write.

Later days,





2 responses

7 04 2007

sounds like fun. what is the paper on

7 04 2007

Aristophanes view on romantic love.

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