Day 3

6 04 2007

I think it’s pretty neat how I’m actually writing in this blog daily. I’m kinda afraid every day will sorta become monotonous once I reach day 10 or something. Anyways, I woke up like at 10 today and bummed around my room since I have no class on Fridays. I listened to some music and hmm… that’s about it.

After that, I had lunch (I’m trying to eat healthier so I ate a salad and a sandwich) and I suddenly realized I had to turn in an assignment to McGowan Hall, all the way across campus. The assignment was only one sentence, so I was sorta angry I had to walk so far to turn one measly sentence in. Anyways, I found out it was due at noon, and it had already passed! So in my head, I was thinking ‘crap, I just started this class and I’m already failing’. Regardless, I printed the sentence out and made my way there to turn the paper in and (thank God!) the box was still there, so unless my teacher reads my blog, he will never know I turned in the assignment late. That’s pretty much what I did so far. I need to take a shower…its 2:38 already, ugh.

Oh, by the way, I was a guest DJ on my friend Amy’s radio show. It was pretty fun. Tune in next week on thursday at 10-12 ( because I’ll be there again. I don’t know any of the music they play because it’s all electronica, but whatever, it’s fun talking on air. Anyways, I’m gonna shower.

Later days,





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7 04 2007

the college life. i dont think im ready

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