Day 4

7 04 2007

I woke up an hour ago.

when I started this quarter, I resolved to sleep earlier and wake up earlier–its happened a couple of times. Anyways, I kinda just started my day, so I don’t have much to talk about. (I think) Last night my friends and I watched the descent, which was pretty good actually. Pretty gory, but the story was well thought out and the shots were well planned. There were a couple of pretty disturbing scenes, but all in all I don’t think it was extremely freaky or anything.

I just found out that my wetsuit finally arrived yesterday! Although I just went down to the mail room an it was closed. (no!) Regardless, it’s here and that’s what matters. My surfboard on the other hand is in National City (+100 miles away); hopefully my cousin in the Marines can pick it up while she heads down into Mexico. Man, I can’t wait ’till i get in the water.

Aside from surfing and horror movies, I filled out an application for resTV, UCLA’s on-campus TV station. Hopefully I could land the job so I could get some hands on experience with the technical aspects of video production.

My parents are coming down today, so I’m gonna get ready for the day.

Later days,





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