Day 7

10 04 2007

Ever had one of those “bleh” days? Well, today is a bleh day. I don’t know why, it just feels bleh-y. It isn’t bad…but it’s not good either. It’s just bleh, you know? bleh.

I had acting class today and it was sorta bleh. I had to act out a scene where I had a girlfriend and we were going into a sperm bank. We didn’t do such a hot job on scene…one girl was really Christian, so she felt really uncomfortable and the scene kinda just fell through. Anyways, it wasn’t bad, just kinda bleh.

You know? Looking out the window, I think I just figured out why today is bleh. Today is bleh because its a really sunny day outside and I’m cooped up inside for 9 hours of the day. Yeah, what’s what it is. Lack of sunlight causes bleh-ness.  If I had enough time, I bet I could write a whole book oh bleh. It would be a good book. You know, I just don’t have the time right now. Bleh.

Yeah, so I’m at the library again. Instead of doing my homework, I’m reading an article about Mark Zuckerberg. Name sound familiar? Well, everytime you log onto Facebook, his name appears on the bottom. He created the site. Anyways, this article talks about how he started the site up and everything. Apparently, at Harvard, you can take time off (an indefinite amount) and come back any time (lame). So Mr. Zuckerberg took time off to create Facebook and BAM, Yahoo! offers him 1 billion dollars for the site, and he REFUSES. Man, reading the article makes me want to create something and sell it off for a billion dollars and just chill for the rest of my life. It’ll happen.


Later Days,





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