Day 9

12 04 2007

Today was pretty fun.

In my English class, we talked about romantic love and there was one guy who was so cynical about it. It was pretty funny. The whole concept is too hard to wrap my mind around, so I tend to try not to. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is such a thing as romantic love, I just think its really hard to find. You may think that something is love, but it is different with different people, so I dunno…it’s a complicated subject. It’d be neat if there was some sorta marker that showed you that another person was supposed to be that “other half” of you. Anyways, there isn’t, so lets not dwell on stuff like that.

In my acting class, we went over lines for a scene and I knew the movie exactly when I heard what was going on. We had to act out the scene in Pulp Fiction where the guy takes his boss’s wife out to the malt shop. Anyways, it was hard for a lot of us to act out since we weren’t natural actors. The girl I was paired up with was really good at playing the role though. She made me really uncomfortable (and in the scene, I’m supposed to be uncomfortable) so acting my part was pretty easy. Anyways, Classes today were good. I have one more at 3:30 and then I’m done for the day, sweet.

Later days,





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8 06 2007


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