Day 12-News? This isn’t news.

15 04 2007

Oh no! I missed a post.

Oh well.

So I Woke up today and looked at the headlines on yahoo and surprisingly, I came over footage that was on the front page that said, “mysterious floating object.” I was intrigued because I thought it could be some really cool footage of some weird aircraft or something. I opened the page (click here to view) and I seriously saw the stupidest piece of crap news I’ve seen in probably my whole life. What was it? Well, it was floating BUBBLES. FLOATING BUBBLES. What the hell! How can floating bubbles make it on the front page when there are so many more important stories. I mean, c’mon put some stories up about the election or the war or the crazy gas prices. But floating bubbles? Ugh, I’ve given up on the media. Well, not really…but I wish I could.

Later days,






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