woooohoo? no, hell yeah.

29 04 2007

   Alright, so if you haven’t already noticed, I haven’t been blogging for a few days. I knew my daily posting streak would have to end someday… and for me it only lasted around a dozen… but still, it was a good run. It’s sad, really. Whatever, they’re just words.

Ah, where do I begin. Okay, maybe when I got casted. I was casted. Okay, well that’ about it for casting.  Blah blah blah and then rehearsals. Oh man, rehearsals were so fun (and pretty stressful) Lots of lounging around and getting to know the other actors better. I’m really going to miss them.

Anyways, culture night  went of really well. Everything does seem to come together at the end. We ended ahead of schedule, which was good. It was my first time acting, and I was pretty nervous, but when I pulled the punch lines out and got a reaction from the audience, it felt pretty damn sweet. 🙂 Anyways, its all over and I know you would want me to elaborate more on last night, but I wont because you should have just went (and I’m too lazy). Haha. Maybe next year.

Later days (It was pointed out to my attentiont hat I stole this from the weekenders. I know already)





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