My new favorite word for the time being

16 05 2007

My new favorite word for the time being is penchant.

Why? I don’t know. I learned about the seven letter bundle of…letters(?) when we were going over the “p” words in 5th grade… maybe 6th… well, I dunno, it could’ve been like 11th or 12th. But that is besides the point! The point is that for the next few years or days or hours or minutes or however long it takes me to find a new favorite word, penchant will be that word. Well, it can be yours too, if you want, but you should come up with your own reason to like it, because if you copy my reasons, then I don’t think you could really say that you enjoy the word penchant because it would be more like you enjoy that I enjoy the word penchant.

Anyways, when the word first popped into my head, I was filling up my Brita pitcher. I stood there for a good 1 minute and 24 seconds…maybe 23, but definitely not more than 25 …which, by the way, is a ridiculously long time for the water to drip through the four tiny filter…hole….thingies (that I believe should be bigger). Now, I know how exiting standing there watching water slowly drip into a pitcher through four filter-hole-thingies is, but believe me, it gets better! …I was using a yellow cup with a rhino on it to pour water into the pitcher! (I’m not sure if proper english would let me use ellipses like how I just used them, but I feel it is the only way to express the pause that I wanted after the exclamation mark.)

Cool, right! A yellow cup! And a rhino! Ellipses!

Anyways, that really had nothing to do with my story about how the word penchant came into my head, because there really is no story. It just sorta came to me, and I sorta decided that I liked it, and I sorta felt exited, and sorta felt like i should blog about it. I feel like i should stop using the word sorta. Ok, that was the last time.

Sorta funny. You know why? I thought penchant meant something like perhaps or maybe…hmm. Perhaps and maybe mean similar things… ok, I decided that penchant sounds more like perhaps, since maybe is an ugly word. (maybe could probably win the ugly word contest, for being fugly)

Guess what!

Penchant means a strong liking for something. And for those of you who are probably thinking how I just found this out and that I probably used to do so, well, I did.

Penchant I like cats

Penchant maybe is fugly

I have a penchant for cats, but not for the word maybe. I also have a penchant for beautiful women…that are smart.

I have a penchant to say later days,


P. (enchant) S. (nakes) Vanessa said to give her a shout out on my blog. I am not sure how you “shout out” on a blog, but I imagine you do so with caps. So without further ado, let me turn on my caps lock key. OK, IT IS ON. I BELIEVE THIS IS A SHOUT OUT TO VANESSA…ON A BLOG…USING CAPS TO REPRESENT SHOUTING AND OUTING. OK I’M DONE. REALLY.


Cat & Woman




2 responses

16 05 2007

duck is still way better than penchant. no offense o.O

wow, you need to be doing something more productive than watching water drip through a filter, especially at 3:00 AM. sleeping is a good idea!

btw, thanks for the SHOUT OUT. you failed to say how amazing i am though.

16 05 2007

I believe that the caps spoke for themselves.

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