And he lived happily ever after.

11 06 2007

I feel like everyone always writes about the end of things.

I hate that.

What about the start of new things. No doubt you should reminisce, remember, smile at times passed–but really, open your eyes to what’s out there. The past couple of months have blessed me with amazing opportunities. I’ve faced good times, bad times, in-between times, up times, down times, left times, right times, left times again, right times again and AB times (twice). Its pretty much been great.

But I don’t want to write about it.

Yeah, I may look back when I’m old and ask myself why I didn’t write anymore than I did, but it’ll be OK; I don’t think I’ll be that sad about it. It would be sad if I am sad, because honestly, it would take like another 5 minutes of writing to write what I did this past year.


Whatever, that’s my future 60-year-old-self’s problem now (or should I say then?).

Anyways, I am genuinely happy with life right now. It has handed me the right cards and I have made best use of them. Even when those cards are like unrare Pokemon cards you get when you were younger and you really hate it because everyone else got those hologram Charizard cards (damn you N— W—-!). Regardless, I felt like I used my cards right and now I’m doing pretty well (although, now that I think about it, a Charizard card would have been cool to have as a 6th grader. Maybe a supermodel girlfriend too).

I am exited for what the future has in store. Sometimes I daydream about what new things will come… like flying cars or passenger space shuttle flights to the moon or opening a Pokemon booster pack with the Charizard in it. Things like that.

Regardless if these tings happen or not, I can tell you for certain that my story will end with the cliche line with which I titled this blog.

Later Days,





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