A change to my blog

23 08 2007

Hello millions of readers of BLUEgreen, I have decided to change the main content of my blog. I will still be writing the same blogs, although not as often as before (as you can already tell).

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Later Days,



Dust Bunnies

9 08 2007

I don’t really understand why the term dust bunnies is termed “dust bunnies,” I mean, why not dust lions? Or dust dragons, rather. You would really want to get rid of them if they resembled a scary reptile–unless you were fond of dragons…then it would make sense if you called it something you were afraid of.

Personally, I would call mine dust male-strippers.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

I mean from my point of view it makes perfect sense. What heterosexual male wants male strippers in their house?

Especially if they are made of dust!

Not me!