Petco selling EXPIRED treats

1 03 2008

I recently visited a local Petco today and the little “manager’s bargin bin” caught my eye. Looking around at several items, my eye came across treats that I thought I might buy. I was looking at the back and what do I notice, but that the treats were expired!

Wide Shot

Notice the Petco font on the sign

The bin

This is the bin the “manager’s special” items were in


And finally, notice the date of expiration–April, 2007

I’ve owned turtles before and from experience, I already know that many employees at pet stores don’t know the most about animals, but if you’re trying to stock and sell me expired food, you should make sure I don’t have a camera phone on me first.

Here’s to your expired treats Petco,





3 responses

2 03 2008

This was a very interesting photo essay.

I wish you the best!


19 04 2008

Hi Kev,

Glad you found the expiration date before you bought them. I have worked for that company for MANY years. It started as a great and caring company for both pets and employees. It has evolved, so sadly, into a corporate run machine where the bottom line is profit. There are a few great employees that still care and have the knowledge to help pets and their parents, but they are being challenged to get the physical work done and less customer care, real customer care. To keep the profit margin higher the company hires less qualified employees and those that have been there for the long haul (unfortunately make a few cents more) become a liability. They can hire two underqualified new employees for the one seasoned and well qualified employee. So sad that dedication, loyalty and pride that I had freely given to this company has, after all these years, comes down to the bottom line, the almighty dollar. I work there and when I shop for my pets, even I check the expiration dates. Keep your eyes open.

Take care of you and your pets.

7 05 2008
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