24 10 2008

So I’ve decided to post about my exploits in film!

I finished my Campus Movie Fest movie this past monday–turned it in and everything.  Hopefully all goes well.  I based my story off of Roald Dahl’s short adult stories and the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  Now if you know about both these works, you can imagine I came up with some pretty messed up stuff!

Anyways, I messed up my wall for my film, so I hope it makes it in the top 16 and makes me famous so that if I would ever need to mess up my wall, it would be paid for.

My friend jeffreezy and I plan to do a couple of neat little short projects in the near future involving special effects and animation, so I’ll keep you posted on how all that is going!

To wrap this up, I’m starting to traverse new cinematic territory by planning a documentary about my first trip to Cambodia.


How many cannibals could your body feed?




One response

8 11 2008

Good luck with Movie Fest! I always wanted to submit something, but never have time to plan… Post up results! 🙂

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