8 11 2008

I sit nervously tapping my knees and staring at the larger-than-life images flashing by.  A deep fear wells in my stomach, and I’m positive that my film wont screen.  The halfway mark nears and anxiety and excitement dribble into despair.  I reassure myself, knowing that even if I don’t make it in, at least I tried my damned hardest–I mean I have blood stains on my walls, who has blood stains on their walls? Me–that’s who.

And then it happens.

I hear it before I see it.  The movie that I laboriously edited and shot (from 12AM to 5AM!) with my great cast and crew–is playing.  It’s all worth it–the missed assignments, the grade point drop, the sleepless nights.  There’s something about seeing your film on a big screen that surpasses any rhetoric and syntax I can ever dream up.

Anyways, at the end of the night my film was chosen for the “best use of mobile” award, which means it’s headed to San Francisco–it’s not the best picture or anything, but it’s something I’ll always be proud of.

Here’s to fun, film and friends.


The Film link doesnt work so:

1) click here

2) click “movies”

3) click “browse the movies

4) select “California L.A. Area 2008” in the drop box

5) select “UCLA” as the campus

6) Browse for team name “Black Sheep” and click the link to the right titled “shh…”




One response

17 11 2008

Congrats on your movie going to SF!! And OMG, crazy plot twist! o_O haha…
I see how you ruined your walls now… LOL! 😀

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