9 11 2008

The Invisible Sail

I believe you are immortal grandpa,

Through your eyes you have seen more than I saw,

You avert my attention from your ails,

And are sitting by and watch as I sail.

The seas are stormy-you know all too well,

A secret hand, private push, I can’t tell.

My vessel sails through the thick sky with ease,

So alas, I win, and if you will please,

Tell me how you do it, how you drift up

and leave,

When finally, I have arrived at Peace.



8 11 2008

I sit nervously tapping my knees and staring at the larger-than-life images flashing by.  A deep fear wells in my stomach, and I’m positive that my film wont screen.  The halfway mark nears and anxiety and excitement dribble into despair.  I reassure myself, knowing that even if I don’t make it in, at least I tried my damned hardest–I mean I have blood stains on my walls, who has blood stains on their walls? Me–that’s who.

And then it happens.

I hear it before I see it.  The movie that I laboriously edited and shot (from 12AM to 5AM!) with my great cast and crew–is playing.  It’s all worth it–the missed assignments, the grade point drop, the sleepless nights.  There’s something about seeing your film on a big screen that surpasses any rhetoric and syntax I can ever dream up.

Anyways, at the end of the night my film was chosen for the “best use of mobile” award, which means it’s headed to San Francisco–it’s not the best picture or anything, but it’s something I’ll always be proud of.

Here’s to fun, film and friends.


The Film link doesnt work so:

1) click here

2) click “movies”

3) click “browse the movies

4) select “California L.A. Area 2008” in the drop box

5) select “UCLA” as the campus

6) Browse for team name “Black Sheep” and click the link to the right titled “shh…”


24 10 2008

So I’ve decided to post about my exploits in film!

I finished my Campus Movie Fest movie this past monday–turned it in and everything.  Hopefully all goes well.  I based my story off of Roald Dahl’s short adult stories and the movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  Now if you know about both these works, you can imagine I came up with some pretty messed up stuff!

Anyways, I messed up my wall for my film, so I hope it makes it in the top 16 and makes me famous so that if I would ever need to mess up my wall, it would be paid for.

My friend jeffreezy and I plan to do a couple of neat little short projects in the near future involving special effects and animation, so I’ll keep you posted on how all that is going!

To wrap this up, I’m starting to traverse new cinematic territory by planning a documentary about my first trip to Cambodia.


How many cannibals could your body feed?


10 10 2008

seared talipa wrapped in nori on a bed of spring greens

10 10 2008

Your Two Cents

28 08 2008

The rest of the world moves so fast.

There’s that beggar who sits there every day–well he craves so much more, but you toss in your two cents and move on with yours. Even those who say they care stare straight through. After all, there are bigger, better, more exciting things to do.

Farewell internet

28 07 2008

I’ve accumulated all the useless knowledge I would need for several lifetimes, so until then, goodbye internet.



P.S. I hate you.