22 11 2008

I grab my week’s laundry and walk over to the laundry room, basket in hand.  My clothes are tossed in, the lid is closed, the quarters are deposited, the start button is pushed and…nothing happens.  Apparently whoever it is that controls laundry prices (lets say he or she is called the Laundry God) wanted to raise prices by another quarter.  Now I don’t know why the Laundry God would do this in an apartment mostly rented out by college students–especially with the economy the way it is–but what L.G. (that’s Laundry God, for short) does can not be questioned unless one wishes to face the consequences.

Dear Laundry God...

Dear Laundry God...

I guess I’m going to sudsy Hell.



Surviving College version 2.0

16 05 2008

So it’s my second year of college and I gotta say… it’s been quite an experience so far.  There have been roller coasters of ups and downs in academics, life, hell, pretty much everything.

You know when people say that this is the time you will treasure the most?  Well, they aren’t kidding, for these four years, you have leeway to do whatever you want to.  No one’s stopping you from pursuing odd careers or dressing funny or whatever it is that everyone else does in college.

You find your niche, and you make it yours; you own it, and you get to mold it however you want.  That’s college, that’s what I’m going through.  It’s pretty great.


Pizza Rolls

15 05 2008

On the way back form a late-night trek to CVS, I got thirsty and decided to buy a soda. Little did I know that the convenience store (Which will go unnamed, but rhymes with express tart) only allowed 3.00 purchases with debit cards. Now I could talk about the oddity of having limits on ATMs but that would be pointless and you would probably stop reading.

Anyway, I had to make up 2 dollars and 45 cents because the drink I bought was only 55 cents. So looking around the store, I notice these pizza rolls. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried them, but when I was a kid they used to taste amazing. So for the sake of nostalgia and to tack on $2.45 to my receipt, I took the plunge and bought the rolls.

I sat looking at the badly designed box with my girlfriend and decided it probably wasn’t best to eat it that night.

cursed rolls!

The dreaded rolls (thanks to maiorisong)

Therefore, the following day I heated up all 15 rolls and decided to have lunch. Unknowingly, I was about to consume a ridiculous amount of bad, bad food. So 15 rolls later, I sat there not feeling nostalgic or full, but rather greasy and fat.

Alas, I’ve learned lessons from my late night trek.

  • I should eat healthier.
  • If you think you should go out at 1 AM to buy something, you’re probably wrong
  • You stopped doing things when you were younger for a reason