21 12 2008

And so it begins.

My two week tango with Cambodia will begin in approximately 24 hours. I don’t know how often I will have access to a working internet connection, so bear with me, as updates may be slow.

I’m not sure what to expect, but I have written out a to do list, which will grow as I get bored on my 14-hour flight to Taipei and then the however-many-hour flight to Phnom Penh.

So far, my list is as follows:

  • Do not scratch mosquito bites
  • Eat a spider
  • Eat a grasshopper
  • Talk to one random person
  • Gastronomic video documenting
  • Chat for the first time with aunt, uncle and cousins
  • Ride on a moto
  • Karaoke
  • Take a picture where I am holding some sort of building
  • …Well, that’s all for now. Feel free to suggest other things I should do by commenting below–hopefully I will be able to check this while I’m there. Until then, I hope that all of you have a great holiday and get some solid rest before the next round of school/work starts.

    stay gold,



    10 10 2008

    seared talipa wrapped in nori on a bed of spring greens

    10 10 2008

    Pizza Rolls

    15 05 2008

    On the way back form a late-night trek to CVS, I got thirsty and decided to buy a soda. Little did I know that the convenience store (Which will go unnamed, but rhymes with express tart) only allowed 3.00 purchases with debit cards. Now I could talk about the oddity of having limits on ATMs but that would be pointless and you would probably stop reading.

    Anyway, I had to make up 2 dollars and 45 cents because the drink I bought was only 55 cents. So looking around the store, I notice these pizza rolls. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried them, but when I was a kid they used to taste amazing. So for the sake of nostalgia and to tack on $2.45 to my receipt, I took the plunge and bought the rolls.

    I sat looking at the badly designed box with my girlfriend and decided it probably wasn’t best to eat it that night.

    cursed rolls!

    The dreaded rolls (thanks to maiorisong)

    Therefore, the following day I heated up all 15 rolls and decided to have lunch. Unknowingly, I was about to consume a ridiculous amount of bad, bad food. So 15 rolls later, I sat there not feeling nostalgic or full, but rather greasy and fat.

    Alas, I’ve learned lessons from my late night trek.

    • I should eat healthier.
    • If you think you should go out at 1 AM to buy something, you’re probably wrong
    • You stopped doing things when you were younger for a reason

    Petco selling EXPIRED treats

    1 03 2008

    I recently visited a local Petco today and the little “manager’s bargin bin” caught my eye. Looking around at several items, my eye came across treats that I thought I might buy. I was looking at the back and what do I notice, but that the treats were expired!

    Wide Shot

    Notice the Petco font on the sign

    The bin

    This is the bin the “manager’s special” items were in


    And finally, notice the date of expiration–April, 2007

    I’ve owned turtles before and from experience, I already know that many employees at pet stores don’t know the most about animals, but if you’re trying to stock and sell me expired food, you should make sure I don’t have a camera phone on me first.

    Here’s to your expired treats Petco,