22 12 2008


I’m sitting at a internet kiosk in Taipei right now. The flight to cambodia boards in about thirty minutes so I can’t talk much. I couldn’t sleep on the flight, so if I sound incoherrent, that’s why. Anyways, its slightly humid here, which makes me fear what will surely be crazy humidity in Cambodia.

BTW, I took a picture next to a giant gundam because I don’t think I will see another one for a long time. Also I want to buy some Japanese magazines here, but I’m not sure if they take USD.

Anyways, I have to get going, but I have to say, even from just wandering the airport, Taiwan looks like an amazing and beautiful place to visit/live. Time to make more travel plans! Taiwan anyone?

Y (you know, the hand sign) from Taipei,


Surviving College version 2.0

16 05 2008

So it’s my second year of college and I gotta say… it’s been quite an experience so far.  There have been roller coasters of ups and downs in academics, life, hell, pretty much everything.

You know when people say that this is the time you will treasure the most?  Well, they aren’t kidding, for these four years, you have leeway to do whatever you want to.  No one’s stopping you from pursuing odd careers or dressing funny or whatever it is that everyone else does in college.

You find your niche, and you make it yours; you own it, and you get to mold it however you want.  That’s college, that’s what I’m going through.  It’s pretty great.



27 02 2008

There is a tree that confuses me.

I don’t know the name, genus, species, or anything about it, but what amazes me is not that I don’t know what type of tree it is (I’ve cleverly called it Tito), but how kind this tree is. Now wait, WTF, kind? Like kind, “I’m going to help this old lady with her bags,” kind? Well no. I guess I mean humble. Yeah, humble. Scratch kind. Tito is not kind, Tito is humble.

Tito has paper-thin skin that rips off. Of course, Tito is a tree, and his bark must serve some purpose, although that purpose is beyond me. Since I don’t understand the biological benefits peeling bark, he confuses me.

In my head, Tito is giving as much of his life up as the world wants. If I rip a piece off, he doesn’t complain, if a squirrel comes by and does the same, Tito is still just there, not caring how much we are taking, not even thinking about how much he is giving. If all his bark was ripped off, and he became a nothing, Tito still would not care. He can give up his protection, his life for nothing in return.

Can you?